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I pitched a show idea to Gallery1988 a while back called “Fake Gig Posters”. Basically the show would consist of gig posters designed around a non-existent band, event, musical act, festival, show, etc. in a movie to make it seem like that event existed in real life. Examples could range from The Wonders live at the State Fair in “That Thing You Do” to WayneStock in Wayne’s World 2. I decided to do a poster for the opening scene to Scream 2. The One Night Only showing of Stab at the beginning of the movie is iconic and I wanted to make a gig poster for it. I miss movie theatres so much.

18″ X 24″
4 Colors including Fluorescent Green
Edition of 100
AP Edition of 85


When George A. Romero passed earlier this year it hit me pretty hard. Most people know him as the godfather of the zombie genre, however he is also responsible for a personal childhood favorite of mine. In 1982 he directed a collaboration with writer Stephen King and makeup special effects master Tom Savini called Creepshow. 2017 marks the 35th Anniversary of Creepshow. It was easy to draw inspiration from the original poster designs illustrated by Joann Daley (Creepshow 1) and Winters (Creepshow 2). As a child, first seeing their depictions of the cycloptic cinephile Death on the covers of VHS copies at the gas station/video store my family would frequent while on vacation in the Stephen King-esqu small town of Alpena, Michigan in the 90s quickly made me the horror fan I am today. You can see and purchase the regular edition at Gallery1988 this Friday the 17th for their Crazy 4 Cult group show from 7pm-10pm. Remainders will go on sale the following day on their website as well as my artist proofs and artist exclusive green variant on my site.

Creepshow Regular (Pink & Blue fluorescent inks)

Creepshow Artist Exclusive Variant (Green & Blue fluorescent inks, Metallic Gold ink)

Both are 24×36
Signed and Numbered



Dream Warriors

Spent 9 months of my life designing this. Started October 15, 2016 and just got it back from the printers a week ago. Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is one of the greatest sequels and one of the best horror movies ever made not to mention one of my faves. 2017 marks its 30 year anniversary. Can’t thank Delicious Design League enough for knocking this print job out of the park. This will be available this Friday at Gallery 1988: LA for their “30 Years Later” show starting at 7pm.

Edition of 40
5 Colors including Fluorescent Blue and Green
Signed and Numbered